“U.S. Troop Care Package” relies 100% upon volunteers, donations, and financial contributions from the community. “U.S. Troop Care Package” began its first donation drive on March 22, 2003, at a Rally for America held on Columbia Center Boulevard, Tri-Cities, WA. Subsequently, we have held donation drives at the County Fair, banks, and on a regular basis in local parks, at grocery store parking lots, a TV station, in front of department stores, and on sidewalks at busy intersections. In addition, we have had donation boxes in grocery stores, drug stores and in businesses throughout the community.

Our first donation drive netted three pick-up truck loads full of donated items. A local Tri-Cities family donated the cost of a storage unit for the first few months, and it is where “U.S. Troop Care Package” stored, wrapped, and prepared the donated items for mailing for the past year. Mike Astley of Astley Transmission in Pasco, WA donated an 800 sq. ft. office to “U.S. Troop Care Package” on March 8, 2004.

After working in a small storage unit during the past year with no lights, heat, or air conditioning and having to stack boxes on top of one another we feel like we and after moving in and seeing everything from wall to wall, we didn’t know how we were able to do all that we did in that small space that we had before or for that long of a period of time . . . Now we are able to set up regular volunteer hours and work far more efficiently.

Celebrating our first anniversary, “U.S. Troop Care Package” was given the honor of proudly flying an American Flag that had been flown over Iraq during a combat reconnaissance mission in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom on September 11, 2003 by a soldier from the Tri-Cities. The flag was passed from one person to another at our Support Our Troops Rally held on March 6, 2004 in the Tri-Cities so that everyone at the rally had the honor of flying the Flag.